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Thesis Proposal Outline

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The Purpose of Thesis Proposal Outline

thesis proposal outlineYour thesis proposal outline will help you figure out how to put together a Masters thesis proposal that will not only get your proposed research approved but will form a concise plan for that research. Your thesis proposal if well written ensures that much of the hard work for your thesis is already done.

Your thesis proposal requires you to thoroughly research your topic area and get as much information as possible regarding the problem that you are going to investigate. By conducting extensive research at this stage and carefully organizing your thoughts as to how you will conduct your research you will make the thesis research and writing so much easier.

Instructions on How to Write a Thesis Outline

Writing a proposal outline is a very necessary stage of the writing process. Some students just rush into the writing without creating an outline and they find that they create a disjointed proposal that lacks flow.

An outline will allow you to organize your thoughts concisely and map out what you want to write in a clear manner. Done well it will cut the time that you need for writing considerably as well as helping you to write a well formatted and flowing proposal.

Writing Thesis Proposal Outline

But how do you write a thesis proposal outline? Well, the simplest way is to just sketch out each of the main sections of your proposal and start to make some simple bullet points of what you need to cover within each and every section. This can be done using mind mapping software, post it notes on your wall or just written notes, whatever way feels best for you. These organized bullets under each section will then give you the guidance you need to write your thesis proposal.

A typical thesis proposal outline structure is below, each subject or college may have a slightly different layout and you should use the one appropriate for your specific course:

  • Title Page
  • Your Proposal Abstract
  • The Table of Contents
  • Introduction (Background and research)
  • Thesis statement or Hypothesis
  • Methodology for your research
  • Any preliminary results and findings
  • Full time table
  • Research implications
  • Bibliography.

Your thesis proposal in turn will actually show you how to write a thesis outline as it will be a full description of what you require to do for your thesis. Writing a thesis proposal outline is a very important step and it is false economy to skip it thinking that you will save time; you will not.

how to write a thesis outline

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