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Great Research Topics for Nursing Students

Towards the end of your nursing degree, you will have to write a research paper to demonstrate your knowledge in the field. But before composing the research paper, you’ll complete a proposal guiding the final paper. And the topic you’ll pick for the proposal will play a big role in determining its excellence.

Nursing is a broad field, and sometimes choosing topics can be challenging. So you should take time to carefully assess various proposal topics to pick the best one. The benefits of selecting good topics include:

  • They keep you engaged and motivated – compelling nursing research topics keep writers engaged in the research process.
  • Feasibility – good proposal topics can be researched within the available time and resources.
  • Personal fulfillment – conducting research in an area you are passionate about is personally fulfilling.
  • Excellent topics address gaps in the nursing practice and help further the nursing field.
  • Meaningful research can open doors to professional growth in the field, and picking good topics is the first step.

When choosing nursing topics for research, it’s important to take your time to find one that is manageable, interesting and fulfills your academic requirements. We have some amazing proposal topics you can draw inspiration from and create your own for a unique paper. As the best research proposal writing service, we also have proposal samples to guide your writing.

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On top of helping you pick a topic for your proposal, feel free to consult our nursing research proposal example to understand the proper execution and guarantee a good paper. Our proposal samples are expertly crafted and should be useful for any student at any level. Take a peek at this excellent sample.

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Trending Pediatric Nursing Research Paper Topics

Want to write a proposal in pediatrics? We’ve got you covered. Here are some possible pediatric nursing research paper topics you can draw inspiration from and compose an excellent paper.

  1. Best Practices for Effectively Managing Pain in Pediatric Patients
  2. Nurse’s Role in Promoting Healthy Lifestyles and Preventing Childhood Obesity
  3. Challenges of Family-Centered Care in Pediatric Nursing
  4. Impact of Maternal Substance Use on Neonates
  5. Evidence-Based Approaches for Managing Pediatric Asthma
  6. Role of Pediatric Nurses in Providing End-of-life Care to Children With Life-Limiting Illnesses
  7. Importance of Early Mental Health Screening in Pediatric Wards
  8. Role of Pediatric Nurses in Recognizing Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect
  9. Role of Family Support in Managing Diabetes in Pediatric Patients
  10. Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Providing Care to Diverse Pediatric Populations
  11. Strategies for Effective Communication and Respectful Care in Pediatric Setting
  12. Challenges of Remote Care to Children in Telehealth Settings

The above are great research topics for nursing students, but you need to conduct some research to assess the availability of sources to make your proposal writing smooth. Writing on a topic that’s hard to find information on can make you get stuck with the paper.

Interesting Nursing Research Topics on Adult Nursing

Adult nursing focuses on caring for adults with various health conditions, from acute to chronic illnesses. Check these interesting nursing research topics on the same:

  1. Effective Communication Strategies Between Nurses and Adult Patients
  2. Evidence-Based Approaches for Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Adult Patients
  3. Practices for Safe Medication Administration in Adult Patients
  4. Nursing Assessment Tools for Preventing Falls in the Older Adult Population
  5. Approaches to Managing Chronic Pain in Adult Patients
  6. Role of Family Involvement in Advance Care Planning for Adult Patients
  7. Strategies for Managing Common Cardiovascular Conditions in Adult Patients
  8. Role of Nurses in Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace for Adult Employees
  9. Nurse’s Role in Educating Adult Patients About the Importance of Vaccinations
  10. Strategies for Promoting Nurse Well-Being and Self-Care in Adult Healthcare Settings to Improve Job Satisfaction and Patient Management
  11. Impact of Nurse-Led Educational Interventions on Medication Adherence in Adult Patients With Chronic Conditions
  12. Significance of Proper Communication in Adult Care

Remember also that the best nursing research topics for students are manageable ones that guarantee an easier time when composing the proposal. So, pick wisely to have an enjoyable proposal writing experience.

Good Nursing Research Topics on Critical Care

Critical care focuses on providing intensive care and complex care to injured and critically ill individuals. Some great nursing proposal topics that will result in a superb paper in this area include:

  1. Evidence-Based Strategies for Preventing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Critically Ill Patients
  2. Role of Nurses in Recognizing and Managing Sepsis Promptly
  3. Approaches to Assessing and Preventing Delirium in Critically Ill Patients
  4. Evidence-Based Nursing Interventions for Pain Management in Critically Ill Patients
  5. The Significance of Involving Families in the Care of Critically Ill Patients
  6. Role of Nurses in Hemodynamic Monitoring
  7. Evidence-Based Approaches to Providing Optimal Nutritional Support for Critically Ill Patients
  8. Impact of Post-intensive Care Syndrome on Patients’ Physical and Psychological Well-Being
  9. Interventions to Ensure Patient Safety and Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections in Critical Care Settings
  10. Challenges of Using Non-verbal Communication While Delivering Care to the Special Category of Patients
  11. Benefits of Using Technology in Monitoring and Managing Delirium in Older Patients in ICU
  12. Approaches for Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections in ICU

Another thing to notice is the possibility of good nursing research topics to capture the reader’s attention to actual healthcare issues. Topics on critical care can achieve that, so be open-minded when choosing one for your proposal.

Nursing Research Proposal Topics on Midwifery

Midwifery nursing focuses on caring for women and newborns during pregnancy and childbirth. Midwifery research topics in nursing focus on various aspects of midwifery practice, like promoting neonatal health. Here are some excellent ones for a memorable paper.

  1. The Role of Midwives in Promoting Outcomes in Home Births and Hospital Births
  2. Midwifery Practices for Enhancing Maternal Outcomes in Water Births
  3. Importance of Cultural Competence in Midwifery Practice
  4. Role of Midwives in Identifying and Supporting Perinatal Mental Health Issues in Pregnant and Postpartum Individuals
  5. Benefits of Midwifery-Led Continuity of Care Models
  6. Role of Midwives in Enhancing Outcomes and Experiences of Natural Childbirth
  7. Ways in Which Midwives Contribute to the Care of Pregnant Individuals With High-Risk Conditions
  8. Importance of Postpartum Care Provided by Midwives
  9. Role of Midwives in Advocating for Respectful and Dignified Care For Pregnant Individuals
  10. Practices for Preventing Infant Injury During Delivery
  11. Role of Midwives in Promoting Proper Breastfeeding Practices

Midwifery topics are among the research paper topics nursing students might find intimidating, but they are really interesting. Obstetrics and gynecology have not lost popularity over the years, and the amount of available research and developments will provide an excellent theoretical basis for a paper on almost any topic.

Mental Health Nursing Topics for Research Proposal

We have some great nursing research proposal ideas on mental health. Check out the following for a magnificent paper.

  1. Effectiveness of Mindfulness Techniques in Managing Anxiety and Depression Among Individuals With Mental Health Disorders
  2. Impact of Mental Health Stigma on Healthcare Professionals’ Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Patients With Mental Illnesses
  3. Benefits of Incorporating Art Therapy Into Mental Wellness Practice for Enhancing Expression and Emotional Healing
  4. Role of Mental Health Nurses in Promoting Medication Adherence Among Patients With Psychiatric Disorders
  5. Effectiveness of Peer Support Programs in Psychiatric Inpatient Units for Fostering Connection and Recovery
  6. Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Mental Health Nursing
  7. Strategies for the Development of Nurse-Patient Rapport in Virtual Mental Health Management Settings
  8. The Effect of Physical Activity and Exercise on Mental Health Outcomes
  9. Nurse’s Role in Promoting Exercise as Part of a Holistic Mental Wellness Plan
  10. Advantages of Using Mobile Apps and Online Platforms to Deliver Mental Health Interventions
  11. Strategies to Prevent Burnout and Promote Self-Care Among Mental Health Nurses

Nursing research proposal topics on mental health are great options as long as you provide enough support and evidence for your points. So, be prepared to conduct proper research for a comprehensive paper.

Nursing Topics on Evidence-Based Practice

EBP nursing topics for research proposal can be intimidating initially but provide for insightful research. Here’s a list of excellent topics for a winning proposal.

  1. Barriers Nurses Face When Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Clinical Settings
  2. Association Between the Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices in Nursing and Patient Outcomes
  3. Evidence-Based Approaches to Improve Nursing Handoff Communication and Their Impact on Patient Safety
  4. Ways in Which Electronic Health Records Facilitate the Integration of Evidence-Based Practices Into Nursing
  5. Evidence-Based Approaches to Pain Assessment and Management in Nursing
  6. Evidence-Based Strategies for Preventing Falls in Healthcare Settings
  7. Evidence-Based Approaches for Ensuring Safe Medication Administration in Nursing
  8. Evidence-Based Wound Management Practices That Promote Optimal Wound Healing and Prevent Complications
  9. Evidence-Based Nursing Interventions to Prevent Pressure Ulcers
  10. Effectiveness of Educational Programs Designed to Train Nurses in Evidence-Based Practice
  11. Impact of Knowledge Acquisition on Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions

When using EBP topics in nursing research paper, aim to explore the intersection between nursing practice and evidence-based approaches like the above examples.

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