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Writing your biology research proposal is one of the many milestones in your doctoral studies and this gives you the chance to showcase your proficiency in your chosen topic. It is important, you are able to provide all the necessary information as to effectively assess the feasibility of your paper.

If you are struggling to find a perfect biology research proposal topics, here are several tips might prove essential:

  • In your proposal, you should be able to offer more than just keywords of your title but associate the proper details in your proposed research. Give your readers a general overview of your topic with a winning introduction.
  • The introduction of your project should give abstract and detailed literature review; this will allow your readers to assess the critical issues related to your topic. You can also make use of references as to establish the relevance of your biology research proposal to your field.
  • Remember, a paper should be original and so you should be able to separate clearly your topic and its niche. Do not be afraid to discuss key analysis questions; this will allow your readers to know that your work will be feasible and attainable. State key issues that your task intends to address.
  • Also, your proposal must be able to demonstrate your awareness by utilizing methodological tools. It is important, you are able to highlight suitable research methods as to attain the results that you will need to support your study.
  • Lastly, your conclusion should be able to discuss the potential contribution of your biology research proposal as an efficient source of information. You can also suggest further research proposal topics in biology.

How to Write an Effective PhD Biology Research Proposal

According to Daniel Lametti writing for Slate around 40% of PhD students will want to work in research within the private sector and some 30% would like to work for a startup of some form. Where ever you would like to end up however you have first got to actually get on the ladder towards achieving your PhD. This will often start with having your result accepted. You can also check any of our topics to improve your writing skills!

The following advice with writing your proposal will help you to ensure that you will be able to get over this hurdle:

  • Take great care when selecting topic ideas. You have to select something and will not only interest you for the many years that you will be conducting your paper it also has to be something they will support fully.
  • Be totally clear as to what is expected from your proposal and stick to it. Know what academic style you must write in. What structure is expected of your project and the length of your writing. Never deviate from these expectations.
  • Submit your work on time. Late submissions will almost always be ignored. Carefully plan your time so you have clear milestones for every step of the process and stick to your plan.
  • Create an outline of your biology research proposal. So,  you have a good idea as to what needs to be covered in each section of your writing. This prevents endless rewriting and will also help you to identify holes in your knowledge at an early stage.
  • Do your writing in a distraction free location at the same time every day. Getting into a clear routine to do your writing will ensure you make constant progress.
  • Review your writing to ensure  your wording and flow is perfect. Do not, however, get into the habit of just making changes for the sake of change.
  • Proofread until you are confident that there are no issues in your writing. Remember, your computer will not find every error.

50 Biology Research Proposal Topics That You Could Use

The following are 50 ideas that you can use or adapt when deciding a direction for your research:


  • Development of the nervous system in XYZ
  • Bio-fabrication of a sea shell
  • Study of the sponge genome
  • Are their costs to being an athelete?
  • The effect of different gas concentrations on animal development
  • The effect of temperature on reptile egg development
  • Host and parasite co-evolution models
  • Thermal biology or vertebrates
  • Thermal biology in invertebrates
  • Infections in spiders and other insects
  • The ecology of forest fires
  • How does the environment affect the immune system of different species
  • Cold water pollution and its effect on fish
  • Evolution of animal venom

  • How to evaluate policies on land use
  • How do the carbon markets affect biodiversity and conservation
  • Anti-viral response in different insects
  • Endosymbionts host manipulation
  • Genetic development of sterile male mosquitos
  • Evolutionary biology and statistics
  • What genes affect sexual behavior and choice
  • The effect of diet on longevity
  • The evolution of chromosomes in insects
  • Dynamics of wind dispersal for insects
  • Insect plant interactions
  • Development of suspended animation
  • Evolution of antibiotic resistance


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