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When it comes to social work, doing an effective job is much harder than it looks. If you intend to conduct high-quality research in this respected field, you would do well to pick a subject from the social work research topics below. Whether you’re interested in drug rehabilitation, helping victims of domestic abuse or any manner of other subjects, you’ll find something for you. Also, you can check out some research proposal sample.

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It can be hard to make a real difference to the problems that infect our modern society. Make sure that when you take a look at the social work research and abstracts, you pick a subject you feel uniquely qualified to tackle. Try asking for expert advice if you’re unsure as to which topic best suits you. You might pleasantly surprised by the academic assistance just a few well-chosen words can offer you.

  • Investigate the mediating role of parent’s discussions about college with their children
  • Discuss intrinsic motivation on substance use severity in schizophrenia
  • Examine social functioning in adults with autism
  • Discuss the role of stress responses in children with autism
  • Examine the significance of illness burden on socioeconomic status
  • Investigate the factors influencing the use of narcotics and other substances by adolescents
  • Evaluate societal opinion on housing abandonment
  • Develop a framework to assess racial and ethnic inequality in the workforce
  • Investigate the relationship between cultural acclimatization and educational performance in adolescents
  • Examine methods of improving the participation of adolescents in the development of the local community
  • Investigate the inclusion of the justice system in cases of child welfare
  • Examine the participation in the workforce of family care providers
  • Analyze the relationship between economic difficulties and complex grief
  • Discuss the effectiveness of family therapy in a mental health setting
  • Evaluate mentoring programs developed as part of your local behavioral health service
  • Look into the support for lesbian and gay human rights in a range of societies
  • Discuss the issues associated with long-term care for older women of an immigrant background
  • Evaluate the risk factors associated with secondary traumatic stress
  • Look into recovery rates for various mental illnesses and the resilience of these recovery periods
  • Investigate the effects of addiction on families including children of various ages
  • Examine means of preventing pregnant women from exposing themselves to harmful narcotic substances
  • Investigate the relationship between income and behavioral health
  • Discuss the issues associated with poor English ability among older immigrants requiring health care services
  • Investigate the knock-on effects of domestic violence in the community
  • Develop means of improving adoption center protocols
  • Discuss ways of supporting foster parents and other guardians of vulnerable children
  • Look into ways of using televisual depression treatment for older people unable to leave the house
  • Evaluate the experiences of oncology patients having received prognoses
  • Investigate the social effects of giving birth to an infant with fetal alcohol syndrome
  • Examine the psychosocial effects on children whose parent has been diagnosed with cancer
  • Examine the mental health services and how they are adapted for use by military veterans
  • Discuss the effectiveness of peer support programs for young adults with cancer
  • Is post traumatic stress disorder treated by means of brief preventive interventions?
  • How can employee engagement be improved by means of improved organizational functioning?
  • How might recovery support services benefit from technical assistance?
  • How can technology be used to treat addictions?
  • Discuss the development of successful smoking cessation programs
  • Investigate means of assisting adolescents with substance abuse issues
  • Examine how early upbringing affects later academic achievement in children
  • Discuss what is being done to eradicate community violence in low socioeconomic areas
  • Evaluate the effects of gender dysphoria in institutionalized adolescents
  • Discuss means of early intervention in teen pregnancy cases
  • Investigate the use of peer-based support in teenage pregnancy
  • Examine the effects of the use of child care services on the parent-child bond
  • Discuss the effectiveness of adoption recruitment campaigns
  • Investigate the outcome of birth mothers who give their children up for adoption
  • Examine the suicide prevention protocols in your area
  • Investigate ways to improve cancer screening rates in areas of lower socioeconomic status
  • Investigate the effects of peer-based support for victims of sexual abuse
  • Discuss the successes and failures of drug rehabilitation programs

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Social work research papers are numerous and vary in their quality and thus overall usefulness. This exhaustive list will help you to narrow down your options and pick a purposeful topic that is of great interest to you. If you’re still struggling to define the exact problem you want to approach from an academic standpoint, use one of the aforementioned topic ideas to inspire you for psychological research proposals. Ask an expert social scientist to help you in making your final decision.

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You can connect your idea with some of the environmental topics.

The most commonly bandied about piece of expert advice is that you must enjoy your subject. Aside from all of the explicitly and often contradictory academic points of advice that might be given by various people, they can all agree on the fact that enthusiasm is the key to success. Your desire to learn and improve the knowledge base of your chosen field is what will help you to pass through the trials of research relatively unscathed.

This topics list was compiled with the express purpose of helping students to make a qualitative difference to people’s lives. By researching the hottest topics in social science, you’ll be giving society the ideas and evidence it needs to improve itself from within. You’ll make the most of this unique opportunity by engaging with top social scientists as you write your dissertation.

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