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Quantitative Research Proposal

If you’ve always had a thing for statistics and figures, you’d be wise to consider a number of quantitative research proposal topics when it comes to your dissertation. The whole point of quantitative research is to explain particular events according to mathematical analysis of data points. Also one of the most related research results you can use is PhD research proposal in computer science ideas. There have to be numbers involved in some format for it to be considered quantitative research.

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Topics for Quantitative Research

It’s not so easy to put together a research proposal quantitative that relies on numbers alone to demonstrate a point one way or another. When it comes to writing a quantitative research proposal, you need expert advice if you are to achieve the grades you deserve. If you need help writing a research proposal, use this extensive list to give yourself a few ideas about what you might want to study.

  • The relationship between unemployment and inflation rates
  • The link between climate adaptation and mitigation funds allocation
  • The relationship between job satisfaction and employee turnover
  • The relationship between poor households and members becoming entrepreneurs
  • The link between child welfare and home ownership
  • The relationship between educational achievement and economic status
  • The link between urbanization and economic growth
  • The effect of solar electricity on the wholesale energy market
  • The relationship between innovation and fiscal decentralization
  • The relationship between micro-financial participation and expectations
  • The link between debt accumulation and retirement
  • The relationship between symptoms of psychiatric disorder and independent living skills
  • The relationship between children’s nutrition and cognitive development
  • The link between subjective well being and relative income
  • The link between news consumption and individual perception of events
  • The relationship between number of products and number of brand names
  • The effect of parental involvement on childhood academic achievement
  • The link between consumer confidence and electoral results
  • The relationship between social status and somatic complaints
  • The link between income disparity and happiness levels
  • The relationship between immigration and crime statistics
  • The relationship between social welfare and business performance
  • The link between income and occupation
  • The relationship between materialism and national happiness
  • The effect of siblings on social skills
  • The link between welfare and social support
  • The relationship between crime rates and concern for crime
  • The link between video games and school achievement
  • The relationship between college study and future job satisfaction
  • The effect of education on obesity
  • The relationship between scientific evidence for abortion and the definition of viability
  • The effect of positive discrimination of company culture
  • A comparison between educational placement by age and by academic aptitude
  • A comparison between disabled students in the mainstream and those taught separately
  • Does internet access increase childhood sociability?
  • Compare the weight loss benefits of low carbohydrate versus high carbohydrate diets
  • Compare the benefits of weight training versus cardio regimes
  • How much exercise leads to a lasting physical benefit?
  • To what extent are fast food restaurants responsible for obesity?
  • The relationship between emotional stability and overall well being
  • Compare the use of nutritional therapy with modern medical approaches
  • To what extent has technology affected communications?
  • The relationship between school prestige and academic standards
  • The link between military support and economic development in developing nations
  • The relationship between crime rates and gun ownership
  • The link between sugar intake and diabetes diagnosis
  • The relationship between high fat diet and heart disease
  • The link between educational attainment and crime rates
  • The link between high carbohydrate diets and pancreatic cancer
  • The relationship between childhood socioeconomic status and future income
  • The link between obesity and cancer rates

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Obtaining Data for Quantitative Research

One of the first things you’ll be wondering when you embark upon a quantitative research project is how it is possible to turn seemingly qualitative data into numerical format. One of the most widely used quantitative research methods is the Likert scale which asks participants to rate their opinions on a 5-point scale. Conducting surveys in this manner can help you get to the bottom of all sorts of social and psychological questions.

The analysis of quantitative data as part of your research project is not necessarily easy and it requires a significant amount of statistical knowledge. Particularly if you’re trying to identify a relationship between two variables without a particular hypothesis in mind, you’re going to have to rely on numbers. There’s plenty of expert advice around if you need help with your history research proposal or research project.

Preparing a quantitative research paper is a common task for students studying such fields as economics, psychology, sociology, medicine, and many others. At the same time, this type of work requires compliance with many requirements on the amount of text formatting, data accuracy, and consistency. The best way to prepare for creating such a paper is to familiarize yourself with a good quantitative research proposal example.

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Fortunately, you are in the right place. We offer you a massive database of ready-made quantitative research proposal samples created by professional writers. They know all the ins and outs and have much experience writing successful quantitative research papers of any complexity.

Make Sure Your Question Fits Your Methods

You have to be certain that you can answer your question by means of quantitative methods before you embark on what could be a very lengthy research project. You can’t use open ended queries and have to be specific about topics that may not have a simple answer. You’ll need to be able to replicate your inquiries many times with many different subjects. This is particularly important as you will need a certain predefined number of participants in any study you conduct in order for it to meet standards of statistical significance.

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As you will be generating reams of data and determining the difference between qualitative and quantitative analysis, you need to make sure that it’s all as relevant to your question as possible. They may also generate data over many years and actually continue doing so for long after you’ve finished your PhD. Use expert advice to make sure you get the most of out of this data and apply it to your research appropriately. Quantitative research proposal topics vary in their usefulness to the furthermost of science and human knowledge, whether these are economics topics for research or others. Use this extensive list to help you choose a topic that suits your unique academic strengths. Combine your research proposal quantitative with expert advice on your chosen topic and you’ll be moving onwards and upwards with ease.

Select your subject of interest from this jam-packed list of quantitative research proposal topics. Conducting unique research will help you forge a path to great success.