52 Outstanding Engineering Research Proposal Topics

Here is a list of outstanding engineering research proposal topics for an exceptional paper

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great engineering research proposal topics
If you’re struggling to find the most useful and interesting electrical engineering research proposal topics for your dissertation, you need look no further. The umbrella term that is engineering corresponds to all manner of different challenges that require a solution in all kinds of fields of science and technology. You are really spoiled for choice when it comes to picking an engineering project (also for inspiration you can check out cloud computing research proposal ideas), so check out these research topics and see what piques your interest.

52 Impressive Engineering Research Proposal Ideas

Engineering research proposal ideas are unique in that all the best concepts are the hardest to conceive. Use this densely packed list of great ideas to get you started on your journey towards academic success. They range from electrical engineering to the use of nanomaterials and more. You’re sure to find a topic that enthuses you whether it’s sustainable and renewable energy sources or bioinformatics.

engineering research topics

Use this list of engineering research topics to get an idea of what is expected of you when you’re conducting your own independent research for the first time.

  • Work on the use of microsensors to measure oil flow rate for the petrochemicals industry
  • Develop and use microsensors to measure arterial blood pressure
  • Manage the production of designs for microsensors that measure light
  • Work with renewable energy sources and use sensors to measure heat generated from solar panels.
  • Develop a olfactory biosensor to detect chemical traces
  • Take advantage of nanotechnology to design blood sugar sensors
  • Implement a carbon index measurement system
  • Develop ways of recognizing and getting rid of pollutants
  • Use process mapping to assist supply chains
  • Use mapping to remove waste from energy intensive sites
  • Increase the efficiency of electrical processes to reduce kWh usage
  • Work on designing benchmarks for the measurements of pollutants
  • Examine the use of different burners for forging materials
  • Evaluate ways to reduce gas usage and thus kWh usage
  • Employ voltage reduction devices to improve electricity usage
  • Investigate ways of increasing the conservation of water
  • Use informational systems to study and minimize energy usage in manufacturing
  • Find ways of measuring the flow of gas with ultrasound
  • Use water conductivity probes to evaluate water quality
  • Examine ways of reusing water
  • Work on systems for evaluating motor efficiency
  • Install a system to measure the process usage of compressors
  • Investigate ways of normalizing output to kWh
  • Develop means of making sure energy is used efficiently by electrical machines
  • Look at transformer losses to work out how to reduce energy loss
  • Investigate metering techniques to control efficiency
  • Develop smart metering concepts for electricity usage
  • Use wireless networks and access to real time data in order to reduce energy wastage
  • Assist in the conception of of sustainable homes
  • Optimize sustainability in processes within an organization
  • Evaluate the relationship between lean and sustainable manufacturing
  • Look at the properties of concrete for sustainability purposes
  • Create a waste reduction strategy
  • Look enabling sustainable heat conservation generated within a manufacturing site
  • Investigate the effects of sustainability concepts on the growth of a company
  • Help to make a industrial plant a more sustainable enterprise
  • Investigate the micromechanics of granular materials
  • Help to develop water treatment processes
  • Develop remote sensing applications
  • Assist in the development of novel nanomaterials
  • Investigate optimal and millimeter wave communication
  • Examine microwave remote sensing opportunities
  • Work on improving emission in single photon sources
  • Analyze the latest developments in magnetic resonance imaging
  • Take a look at photonic surfaces
  • Improve the technology used for conducting ultrasound breast biopsies
  • Develop means of measuring accurately doses used in radiation therapy
  • Work on the modeling of biomedical systems
  • Analyze cerebral hemodynamics to improve diagnosis of neurological disease
  • Develop a scheme for understanding sensorimotor processing in the nervous system
  • Use microsensors to measure the pressure of natural gas in transit
  • Look at some problems to do with microgravity

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How Will I Know That I’ve Chosen the Right Topic?

Engineering research topics can be difficult to invent as so much has already been accomplished. However, there’s plenty more fish in the sea when it comes to a research proposal for mathematics or engineering, so if your idea has already been used, you’re sure to find another. The only two things to worry about in the beginning are whether the idea is feasible and whether it interests you sufficiently. After all, you might end up making a career out of your research findings. Experts advise that you choose a topic that will help you to learn and develop constantly as you conduct your research. This will turn out to be true for your technical skills and your wider knowledge base as well. You may want to undertake your research with a view to obtaining a specific area of expertise that allows you to fulfill wider goals like joining the aerospace industry.

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The whole point of a PhD is to prepare you for further research opportunities whether it’s in academia or in industry. You should use this chance to study a topic that has always fascinated you. It is not an endeavor to be taken lightly and you’ll need plenty of interest and enthusiasm to get you through it. Make sure you surround yourself by experts who have experienced what you’re about to see for the first time. Make the most of this top list of engineering research proposal topics. Narrow down your choices and pick a subject that will advance the field of engineering while providing you with a great research opportunity. Get advice from the experts in unique dissertation or PhD proposal writing that will propel you to academic success.

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Sift through this exhaustive list of engineering research proposal topics and make the most of your opportunities. Learn from expert engineers and you’ll join their ranks in no time at all!