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New Options and Emphases in Choosing Economics Research Paper Topics

The modern economy’s laws and rules are increasingly different from what we knew 10 years ago. New calculation systems, new cryptocurrencies, and new environmental, social, and military problems. All this changes the very idea of choosing economics research topics. You will have to reiterate the theory and remove outdated principles that do not work, decide on the prospects of your research, and assume how the economy will develop in this or that area. Only then you can start the research, prepare a research proposal, and write a paper itself.

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General Rules of Choosing Economics Topics for Research

The first thing you need to do is determine in which area of economics you want to conduct research and outline for yourself a prospective list of economics topics for research. Afterward, you can use the following tip to stay on track and continue working on a paper.

  • Clearly define your research area and draw the key issues.
  • Make your topic more specific & narrow, and state the research question.
  • Make sure that the chosen topics for economic research paper are relevant.
  • Be sure that the theme is of interest to you and has enough materials.
  • Study the rules and requirements of the research proposal economics.
  • Start with a paper outline and drafts you can use later to shape a paper you’ll submit.

Understanding how your economics research proposal should look is a huge part of your success. We suggest you familiarize yourself with an excellent sample research proposal in economics to clearly understand the rules and principles of design and the content of the work.

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Each proposal should be unique, even if you create several papers simultaneously. This way, copying the example is a bad idea, but this can greatly help when you seek visuals to learn how to structure a paper and what to include.

Easy-to-Write Economics Research Topics for Undergraduates

These are general economics research topics for undergraduates on which it is relatively easy to find information and up-to-date data. They can also be used as economics research paper topics for PhD students with more in-depth coverage of each issue.

  1. Analysis and Prioritization of Factors Affecting Unemployment in Modern Society
  2. The Effects of Globalization on National Economies
  3. The Effects of Inflation on the Purchasing Power of the Population
  4. Economic Aspects of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
  5. The Function of Central Banks in Administering Monetary Policy
  6. Increasing Taxes and Their Influence on Economic Development
  7. The Prospect of Public Investment in Infrastructure Development
  8. The Relationship Between Education and Economic Growth
  9. The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the World Economy in 2022-2023
  10. Effect of Artificial Intelligence and Technical Innovation Development on the Labor Market
  11. Investments in Research as a Factor of Long-Term Economic Growth
  12. Analysis of the Real Estate Market and Housing Policy
  13. Effectiveness of Small Business Development Loans
  14. The Effect of Demographic Changes on the Pension and Insurance System
  15. Comprehensive Analysis of the Energy Market and Sustainable Energy Sources
  16. Effectiveness and Prospects of Developing Programs to Combat Poverty and Social Inequality
  17. The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Modern Economy
  18. Analysis of the Healthcare Market and Medical Expenses
  19. Study of the Effectiveness of Agricultural Subsidy Programs
  20. The Effect of Trade Wars on the World Economy and Markets

Note that these research subjects may overlap with other fields. So feel free also to seek inspiration in related areas like the business research proposal section or sociology.

Contemporary Behavioral Economics Research Topics

In the era of mass consumption, behavioral economics research topics arise almost out of thin air. We suggest you consider the following proposal ideas.

  1. The Psychology of Consumer Debt and Credit Behavior
  2. The Influence of Social Media on Citizens’ Financial Decisions
  3. The Loss Effect and Its Role in the Investment Strategies of Entrepreneurs
  4. Emotional Aspects of Financial Decisions
  5. The Impact of Insurance on Health and Safety Decisions
  6. The Effect of Social Environment on Consumer Decisions
  7. Analyzing People’s Consumer Decisions Through the Prism of Poverty and Social Inequality
  8. The Influence of Cultural Aspects on Economic Behavior
  9. Exploring the Phenomenon of Consumer Loyalty in Marketing Strategies
  10. The Role of Emotions in Investing and Lending
  11. General Analysis of Financial Decisions of Youth and Students
  12. The Influence of Medical History and Psychological Factors on Retirement Saving Decisions
  13. Stress and Fear and Their Impact on Consumer Decisions
  14. A Study of Current Trends in Consumer Behavior in the Online Environment
  15. The Role of Influencers and Bloggers in Cryptocurrency Investments
  16. Effectiveness of Financial Education Programs and Their Impact on Financial Behavior
  17. The Influence of Gender Aspects on Economic Behavior
  18. Psychological Aspects of Consumption and Healthy Lifestyle
  19. The Relationship Between Consumer Preferences and the Quality of Education
  20. The Psychology of Consumption and Sustainability

You can choose one of these options or use these research topics for economics proposals to develop unique ideas for your paper.

Current Topics for Economic Research Paper on Environmental Issues

According to our MBA dissertation writers, modern economics is closely connected with almost all developing areas, including the study of environmental problems. Here are some current research topics in economics that will make your work on the project exciting and give you some points for the problem’s relevance.

  1. The Effect of Climate Change on the Business
  2. Modern Aspects of Sustainable Development and Green Growth
  3. Effectiveness of Financial Mechanisms in Regulating Pollution and Emissions
  4. Management of Natural Resources and Biodiversity
  5. Aspects of Renewable Energy Sources and Transition to Green Energy
  6. The Impact of Environmental Crises on Financial Markets and the Stability of Alternative Investments
  7. Efficiency of Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  8. The Role of Economics in Climate Change Adaptation
  9. Analysis of Waste Management and Recycling
  10. Analysis of the Effectiveness of Nature Conservation Zone Support
  11. Effectiveness of Modern Assessing Damage From Environmental Disaster Mechanisms
  12. An Integrated Analysis of Water Management
  13. The Impact of the Environment on Economic Behavior
  14. Analysis of the Effectiveness of Environmental Taxes and Fees
  15. The Impact of Environmental Certifications and Labeling on Consumer Demand
  16. Analysis of the Impact of Air Pollution on Healthcare Costs
  17. The Role of Environmental Infrastructure Projects in the Regional Economy
  18. Benefits of Material Recovery and Recycling
  19. Analysis of Environmental Standards and Regulations
  20. The Impact of Environmental Innovations and Technologies on the Environment

These topics for economics research paper and proposals are excellent in understanding the wide range of possible problems that can be investigated in your paper.

Good Topics for Economics Research Proposal on International Affairs

  1. Globalization on National Economies
  2. Modern Analysis of International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment
  3. International Organizations in the World Economy
  4. Aspects of International Financial Crises and Its Impact
  5. The Impact of International Sanctions on Countries
  6. The Influence of Global Migration on Employment Markets
  7. Economic Integration and Regional Trade Agreements
  8. The Impact of International Energy Policies on the Global Economy
  9. The Role of International Currencies and Exchange Rates
  10. Analysis of Global Environmental Issues and Climate Change
  11. The Effect of World Events on the Economy
  12. Nuances of Intercontinental Technological Cooperation and Innovation
  13. International Relations and Development of the Service Sector
  14. The Function of Global Banks and Financial Institutions Within the International Financial System
  15. Aspects and the Development of the International Tourism Industry
  16. Impact of International Agreements on Intellectual Property Rights
  17. The Effect of Commodity and Energy Costs on Worldwide Inflation Rates
  18. The Implications of Global Digital Transformation and E-commerce
  19. The Role of International Aid in the Global Economy
  20. The Effectiveness of International Strategies to Combat Corruption and Illegal Activities


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