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The environment is being damaged in a near-endless number of ways. Whether it’s the poisoning of the seas and marine food chains by heavy metals or the release of greenhouse gases by cattle raised for consumption, there’s plenty to focus on when it comes to your research proposal on environmental pollution or biology PhD research proposal.

Picking topics related to environment issues can be deceptively simple. It looks like there are literally thousands of potential topics to choose from. However, most of these subjects will have been covered in some way before. Instead, you need to get one step ahead of the game and choose topics related to environment that are yet to have been investigated in detail.

  • Investigate atmospheric carbon dioxide levels using modeling
  • Examine the interaction between protists and bacteria in soil-based ecosystems
  • Discuss the potential for seaweed as a bioenergy source
  • Examine the potential for using seaweed species for the purpose of sustainably feeding farmed fish
  • Investigate the use of biogenic manganese oxides as part of novel wastewater treatment protocols
  • Discuss the economic limitations to do with attempts at improving water quality
  • Examine carbon dioxide fluxes in the Arctic atmosphere and sea ice
  • Investigate the significance of biocide leaching from construction materials
  • Discuss ways of encouraging homeowners to respond actively to the hazards associated with climate change
  • Develop a model to explore current ecosystem services and look for potential areas of improvement
  • Examine the opportunities for sustainable soil management
  • Develop biofilm systems that assist in removing pollutants from wastewater
  • Examine the potential for new ways of managing chemical spillages
  • Develop a data model for measuring air quality
  • Investigate the phenomenon of degradation of herbicides by bacteria within soil-based ecosystems
  • Develop means of directing linking specific toxicity phenomena with chemical activities
  • Analyze the composition of atmospheric particles
  • Investigate ways of regulating phosphorus emissions in the agricultural sector
  • Look into reducing the methane production from cattle by changing feed
  • Develop new ways of exposing and removing hydrophobic soil pollutants
  • Investigate methods of binding and absorbing hydrophobic pollutants
  • Analyze the difficulties associated with proper land usage in arid regions
  • Develop a model to predict future climate change according to projected emissions data
  • Discuss the effect of the presence of bacteria within clouds on atmospheric processes
  • Develop models to measure gaseous mercury in the marine boundary layer
  • Investigate the effect of exposure to teratogens on pregnant women and their children
  • Develop a model to measure and offer ways of controlling urban air quality
  • Work on ways of using bacteria to reduce heavy metal pollution in the Arctic
  • Investigate ways of modeling the atmosphere as part of a study in aerobiology
  • Develop economic means to encourage landowners to behave in a more sustainable manner
  • Examine the uptake of organic chemicals by crop species
  • Discuss ways of encouraging business owners to include sustainability measures in their business models
  • Develop a model to track the movement of organic pollutants in the Arctic
  • Discuss the role of organic farming and its effect on the agricultural sector
  • Develop an integrated means of measuring the management of water resources from fresh to waste
  • Examine ways of investigating complex mixtures of organic chemicals and pollutants
  • Develop a model to predict the dispersion of exhaust particles in city atmospheres
  • Conduct a meta-analysis of the results of air pollution models
  • Evaluate experimental models for the study of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in urban environs
  • Develop a model of atmospheric carbon dioxide content that involves surface fluxes and transport of this gas
  • Discuss the practical applications of the transfer of mobile genetic elements between bacteria living in the rhizosphere
  • Work on environmental policies for the control of chemical substances
  • Discuss the potential uses of certain bacterial species living in the rhizosphere
  • Evaluate the effects of fungicides on the diversity of soil bacteria around the roots of crop plants
  • Develop means of risk assessment for chemical spillages in aquatic environments
  • Analyze the long-term results of large-scale environmental disasters like oil spills
  • Use geographical data to assist in the restoration of wetlands where ecologically appropriate
  • Examine the potential for use of bacterial species to degrade specific hydrocarbon pollutants like plastic
  • Investigate the ecological uses for transfer of plasmids between bacteria dwelling in the atmosphere
  • Develop recombinant strains of bacterial species known to be capable of absorbing pollutants like hydrocarbons and heavy metals

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As you can probably tell from the list above, some of the hottest topics have to do with reducing and even eradicating some forms of pollution. For example, there are many laboratories worldwide that are working on altering bacteria so that they can ingest and process pollutants to create harmless byproducts. This is just one avenue of interest in environmental research and if it’s not your cup of tea, there are plenty more to choose from. Consult an expert to help you find what suits you best, or use research proposal writing services and relax.

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