Creating a PhD Research Proposal in Mathematics

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Writing your research proposal for PhD in mathematics can be difficult which is why you should take time to prepare ahead of time. Remember that your human resource research proposal is a very crucial factor in your study as this enables your readers to evaluate the credibility, value, and excellence of your paper.

General Information on Research Proposal in Mathematics

Before you could learn how to write a research proposal for PhD in mathematics, what is the main purpose of this paper? At the very least, it must explain what the proposed research is about, intended outcome of the study, reasons that the subject or topic is worth understanding or leading and ways to go about the planning, conducting and completing the paper.

It will take these considerations are going to provide the assessors of your ability in conducting the study and completing it with originality. It is also important that your research proposal is a standalone paper, which can be easily accessible and understandable to the people aside from the academics that you’ve consulted with on applying. Writing an impressive proposal will also show your competence in the grammar and language needed in the research and completing your thesis.

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How to Write Research Proposal for PhD in Mathematics: Requirements

You’ve probably seen a sample research proposal for PhD in mathematics and have learned of its important requirements in general.

It typically has several components, which include the following:

  • Working title and abstract: It must describe or explain your project’s nature. Avoid giving uninformative titles. Be clear and specific about it to help the committee or assessors determine the right supervisors for it. The abstract is your proposal’s summary.
  • Statement of the problem and topic/overview: It identifies the subject area while you’re showing how the thesis proposal suits the field. It explains reasons the study is important and its potential contributions.
  • Literature review: It is the initial, critical review of the related lit, showing your understanding existing studies and ways that such studies have informed or helped you formulate the research questions.
  • Methods or approach and timescale: It shows how you want to carry out the study and addresses the objectives and questions you have. You must describe and justify the intended method to use because studies make use of different methods, too.  This part also shows how you can realistically complete the research within the PhD’s timeframe.
  • References and bibliography: Be able to list the sources, including the publications cited in the proposal being references listed at the end. In addition, you must add a bibliography of other sources read to prepare the paper, although not cited.

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PhD Research Proposal in Mathematics Useful Tips to Know

Here are several tips to help you craft the perfect research proposal in mathematics:

  • Before writing your proposal, make sure that you know the guidelines; some universities require their doctoral candidates to adhere to instructions.
  • It is important that you are able to provide vital points in every aspect of your proposal; you can organize details ahead of time.
  • Read literature related to your topic as this will enable you to grasp what your topic is all about and how you can convey its significance to your readers.
  • The introduction is an important part of your research proposal; bear in mind that the first few sentences of your research proposal in mathematics can help lure in the interest of your readers.
  • Make sure that you offer detailed explanations regarding your topic from its feasibility, time frame, methodology, related literature, recommendations, etc.
  • Appearances matter; take into regard the structure, format, and layout of your proposal in order to make it easier to follow.
  • Always be specific; provide a clear idea of how and why you are conducting your research. You can include information on your hypothesis, time frame for estimated completion and potential issues with your topic.
  • Remember that your research proposal in mathematics should be able to convince your readers. A good proposal can explain why this research is important, questions that need to be answered and how well it fits into the development of your field.
  • Lastly, be sure that your research proposal for PhD in law is well written and error free. Take time to revise if necessary or avail professional writing services to guarantee the overall quality of your proposal.

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