How we work

Provide instructions & requirements
Place an order via the simple order form, 24/7 chat, or phone. Specify the work type you need, its scope & deadline, and your scientific field and instructions, if any. Then, pay securely online, and wait a little for an email confirmation. We'll pick up a subject-matter writer, the best suited to your research topic. If you don't still have a research proposal topic, the assigned expert will offer you 3 options with all references from the start for free. Once the topic is approved, the writer will proceed with your order.
Communicate with the expert & track progress
After your payment arrives, we’ll appoint your order to the best writer and provide the Customer Area sign-in details by email. There you can talk to the expert about the task, leave your comments, control the order performance, and communicate with customer support if necessary.
Download the completed work & request revisions if needed
Once the order is completed, you'll receive a notification on your email and phone, and you'll be able to download the work through the Customer Area. And it's OK if you need edits or the time for the supervisor's review. Here, you have 30 days of unlimited revisions absolutely for free. We're ready to revise your paper and implement all the comments and wishes possible as many times as you may need.
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