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The Importance of a PhD Thesis Proposal

For any PhD candidate, one of the main requirements that you have to submit before you can finally finish your post graduate studies is your PhD thesis. But just before you can even start creating your own research, you need to submit a PhD proposal. Just like your undergraduate thesis, a PhD proposal serves as an outline of your proposed research project. In your PhD proposal, you provide the aims and objectives of your study.

You also get to define the questions and the research approach that you will be using to answer the questions. It is very important that you write a good PhD research proposal in order to persuade your supervisors or the people who are going to fund your research work.

Requirements for PhD Thesis Proposal Writing

Since you are submitting a research proposal for postgraduate studies, the expectations are high. You need to be able to submit a strong and quality research proposal. There are different elements, components and details that you need to be able to provide in order to have a well-written research proposal:

  • Topic: The very first thing that you need to work on it’s the title. Even if it’s not yet your final title or if it’s just you working title, it is very essential that you already include the essential keywords that are related to your proposed study. It is very crucial that your title is straight to the point, concise, and describes the topic.
  • Overview of the research: This basically provides a short background of your research study. In this particular section, you need to provide any current academic resources or discourses. It is also where you need to give a lot of information pertaining to the past and current literature available. The overview of your research needs establish links between your study and other studies conducted by scholars. Under this section, you should be able to include research questions and specify the specific reasons why you are asking them. The next one is you need to detail your major research approach. This will include any conceptual, empirical, and theoretical framework that you were going to apply once you start doing your dissertation. And last but not least, you need to include the significance of the research. Why are you conducting this research study in the first place?
  • Research design: Next is you have to focus on your research design. What methods are you going to use along with the specific materials and resources that you will use for your research.
  • References: Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic community. Make sure that all of your references are properly cited.

Common Mistakes You Can Make When Writing Your PhD Thesis

A lot of students are having a hard time writing their doctorate thesis proposal simply because first the structure itself can be really difficult and even the content that you need to put in your proposal needs to be well written and well-researched. From grammatical error to structure problems, these are the common mistakes that students make. Unfortunately, most students tend to be too busy with the other responsibilities or for someone who really don’t know where to start, the best way is to hire experts who can help you all throughout the process.

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proposal for phd thesis helpExpert Help with Your Doctoral Thesis Proposal

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