Graduate students all know the importance of the thesis. This work is the culmination of years of study and/or internships. It is the final steps on the journey to an advanced degree, and can set the stage for a research path that goes years into the future. English and creative writing graduate students are aware that a literature proposal will be necessary as the first action. This has to be done well.

Literature Proposal Will Follow Strict Guidelines

While these may vary from school to school, academic departments will set up rules and expectations for thesis. The proposal is considered a large picture for the entire thesis. The intention is to describe what is going to be attempted, and request feedback from various sources. The importance of writing a thesis proposal or writing a dissertation proposal cannot be underestimated. A graduate committee has to approve the proposal, or else a graduate student has to go back to square one.

Daunting Challenge for Some

The guidelines for thesis proposals are very strict. They have to be followed rigorously and there is no negotiation. This can be extremely intimidating for a number of graduate students. Those who have English as a second language may find a literature proposal to be a very difficult task to perform. It is not because the student is ignorant, but does not have clear command of the English language and its grammar. The stress of getting it right can be terrible for any person. Rather than risk rejection. It may be a better idea to have a third party provide assistance. We can certainly be of help to any graduate student attempting thesis proposal.

We Understand the Proposal’s Importance

We follow a process that keeps the client at the center. We have experts working on thesis proposals and one of them will contact the client for an interview about the intended thesis proposal. This allows us to better understand the point of view of the client, and also allows us to ask informative questions. We take a very careful look at any proposal guidelines so that we are consistent with what is expected.

We start out with a first draft, which is sent to the client for feedback. Any changes requested will be done. We all take care to be sure that the content is informative and fully explains what the thesis is going to address. This includes making sure there are no grammatical errors or any confusion. A final draft is then submitted to the client, and once again any requested changes are made. The final copy is then sent to that individual by email.

No graduate student wants his or her thesis pirated and we give a privacy assurance is one of our guarantees. We also will comply with the deadline given to us by the client. Graduate students exist on limited budgets and cannot waste money. We have a 100% money back guarantee if the client is not satisfied with our work. That is good for writing a literature proposal for thesis and other work that we perform. What is best about our service are the number of options we provide. A graduate student will discover that we will do a number things to help them develop a great proposal.

The life of a graduate student is stressful enough with class, research, and teaching requirements. Allowing us to work on the proposal frees up time for other more important affairs.

We provide a service that helps people get that all-important thesis proposal approved by the graduate committee!

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