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It is very important with academic writing to follow the exact format and styles required of you by the course or university that you attend. Each has their own requirements for exactly how your thesis proposal format should look and most will be able to provide you with a proposal format template to help you.

If they do not provide you with a template you can often find places on the internet from which to download your proposal format template but just make sure that it does indeed reflect the format that you are required to write in.

Selecting the Right Thesis Proposal Format

Your master thesis proposal format should follow the requirements that have been specified which could be APA or MLA or any other specific academic writing style. You may also be given a specific set of guidelines for exactly how your thesis proposal format will need to be outlined.

Academic writing is very strict and you should never deviate from the thesis proposal format that you have been instructed to use. Your tutors and approval body will be looking to see that your work is very carefully written following the format precisely and written with perfect English, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Anything less will more often than not be rejected causing you to have to send more time reviewing and correcting your work and delaying your degree.

A typical thesis proposal format outline is below, the way you actually write will be dictated by the style that you have been requested to use and you should consult the relevant style manual to ensure that you get it done perfectly.

  • Title
  • Abstract section
  • Problem statements
  • Literature review and background
  • Methodology to be applied
  • Any preliminary results
  • Time table of work to be undertaken
  • Bibliography.

Your thesis proposal format will likely differ slightly from that specified above but will contain basically the same information.

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