Simple Tips for Research Proposal on Cloud Computing

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list of phd research topics in cloud computing

Main Elements of Cloud Computing Research Proposal

  • Executive summary: This should state the logic of putting your research into action; your summary must be able to offer your readers the gist of what your research is all about.
  • Statement of the problem: your cloud computing proposal must be able to detail on why the study is essential. Remember that your agriculture research proposal should be able to persuade your readers.
  • Project description: In this section, you must be able to explain the specifics of your research, how you can accomplish your study, what methods you will undertake and how it will be evaluated.
  • Budget: provide how your study will be financed and offer detailed information on how this research is feasible.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your cloud computing research proposal main points.

Cloud Computing Research Topics

The following list of 20 topics can be used to help you to define your own topic area for research:

  • Disaster recovery options in the cloud
  • Creating scalable websites within the cloud
  • High performance cloud computing
  • Using open source cloud computing
  • Improving network performance in the cloud
  • Improving application performance in the cloud
  • Cloud infrastructure (IaaS) deployment strategies
  • Using public cloud providers
  • Strategies for cloud computing use
  • Leveraging private cloud providers
  • The use of Amazon web services
  • Multi cloud and hybrid management
  • Cloud governance
  • Cloud business intelligence and big data
  • Cloud portability
  • Interoperability in the cloud
  • Mobile application in the cloud
  • Anything as a service (XaaS) applications
  • Cloud computing security SaaS
  • Topics Archiving

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Tips for Writing Research Proposal Cloud Computing Security

  • In your PhD in cloud computing, you should choose carefully what kind of language you will use in order to communicate effectively with your audience.
  • Be concise, direct to the point and specific. Avoid using too many jargon and unfamiliar terminologies as this could easily deviate from the main objective of your proposal.
  • It is expected to write several drafts of your proposal; as you revise, make sure that you make changes that will help impact the overall quality of your study.
  • Your education research proposal cloud computing security should be able to address all vital aspects; this will enable you to answer potential questions your readers.
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