great phd topics in computer science

It is vitally important that you pick the most interesting and useful area of research to focus on when you’re wading through the wealth of potential PhD topics in computer science. If you’re looking to specialize in a specific area within this vast field, this list of topics compiled by experts at the forefront of their respective spheres will serve you well. Whether you opt to focus on one of these topics as they are, or you decide to adapt one to your own designs, you will be in a great position to start your doctorate. Additionally, it’s great idea to check out some sample PhD research proposal in computer science from our experts.

The Top 50 Computer Science Research Proposal Topics

It’s not easy to choose the best of the bunch when it comes to the vast range of computer science research proposal topics available. Interest is a key component of any successful doctoral submission and your enthusiasm for the subject will pull you through the tough days ahead. It’s by no means all bad though; doing a PhD in computer science is an exciting and worthwhile endeavor. Have a browse through this extensive list of potential subjects and see if something catches your eye.

  • Discuss the potential role of artificial intelligence in daily life
  • Evaluate the purpose of artificial intelligence in space exploration?
  • How has the internet changed our perception of morality?
  • Examine the usefulness of computer science in developing methods of learning
  • Evaluate the shrinking nature of evolving technology
  • Discuss the relationship between the traditional sense of morality and that experienced in the Internet age
  • Discuss whether it’s worth funding artificial intelligence research
  • To what extent are we overly dependent on technology?
  • Evaluate the major technological developments that have led to modern computer science
  • Examine the effects of computer-based social media
  • Discuss the upsides and downsides of evolving technology
  • How has social media and other forms of communication affected human behavior
  • Does computer science have a role to play in the study of time travel?
  • Can videogames be used in a professional setting for training purposes?
  • How has social media influenced societies in developing countries
  • Discuss the influence of computer science in the study of genetics
  • To what extent does computer science influence programming concepts?
  • Can computer science be used to advance the practice of microchipping pets?
  • Discuss the role of computer science in the sequencing of the human genome
  • Examine the use of ambient intelligence to build interfaces
  • Evaluate the development of improved human-computer interaction
  • Discuss the improvement of mobile tools for independent living
  • Evaluate solutions for synchronization issues
  • Make use of big data analytics using FPGAs
  • Discuss the use of massively parallel architectures
  • Examine the advances made in contactless power transfer design
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the virtualization of processing engines
  • Discuss the uses for emerging integrated systems
  • Take a look at dynamic FPGA objects
  • Evaluate the efficiency of on-chip communications
  • Discuss the use of graph theory within very large scale computing systems
  • Evaluate the importance of HPC interconnects
  • Discuss the findings of mesh network experimentation
  • Examine network layer routing protocols
  • Focus on the uses for model based design
  • Discuss the uses of reconfigurable database acceleration
  • Evaluate the purpose of reconfigurable devices in communications
  • Discuss the outlook of software defined networking technologies
  • Analyze the effectiveness of ultra low power sensor networks for agriculture
  • Investigate the uses of VoIP and VoWLAN)
  • Examine the latest developments in wireless data routing
  • Compare wireless and silicon based data routing
  • Work on developing a system for characterizing data storage
  • Take a look at storage models for magnetic data
  • Evaluate data storage applications
  • Examine nanoscale data storage elements
  • Discuss fundamental length scales in magnetic data storage
  • Discuss the manufacture and development of increasingly thin materials for UHD non-volatile memory
  • Evaluate the latest developments in graphene memory devices
  • Examine the potential for new forms of data storage

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Why Use a List?

Using a list of research topics in computer science to narrow down your choice to just a few categories of interest is probably the best thing you can do if you’re struggling to come up with a great idea. You can use this list of research topics in computer science alongside plenty of expert advice to craft your own personal approach to the subject matter. There’s plenty to discover in this new and exciting field, with sub-specialities developing all the time. The most important factor to consider when choosing from among the various IT research proposal topics is that your subject should be interesting. Your audience should consider the question you’re answering to be vital to the advancement of the field of computer science. If you’ve chosen right, it certainly will be.

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IT research proposal topics are varied in their focus and you ought to choose a subject that interests you personally. It’s even better if your topic actually has plenty of obvious practical uses and that you’re answering a question that really needs to be answered. You can ask renowned computer science experts for advice on this matter as they really understand what has been accomplished and what is yet to be discovered. Once you’ve narrowed down your focus, you’ll be ready to get started. By using this exhaustive list of PhD topics in computer science, you’ll be able to work out exactly what you want to study. Use one of these excellent ideas combined with expert advice and you’ll be one step ahead of your peers before you’ve written a single word. Conducting high-quality research on a key topic is vital to your academic success so make sure you get all the help you need.

You can choose from all manner of PhD topics in computer science. Make the most of expert advice and you’ll defend your thesis with ease.

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