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Before you get to work on your research project you will require your thesis project proposal to have been approved. This approval ensures that you have thought long and hard about what you should be researching and how you should conduct your research. Your thesis proposal presentation allows your tutors and the thesis committee to fully understand your aims and ideas and to be able to evaluate if what you propose is worth pursuing. They want to see that you have come up with a topic that is important enough to be answered as well as of a scope that can be answered using the methods that you describe.

They want you to have a successful thesis proposal and as such will ensure that your proposal is up to scratch before they allow you to proceed rather than waste many months of your time on researching something that will not be approved.

Topics for Your Thesis Project Proposal

Project proposals are notoriously difficult to write, not just for the content but for the selection of an appropriate topic. Finding an important gap in current research is very difficult, especially one that can catch your interest.

The easiest way to find a potential subject for research is to look at the research that has been conducted recently that interests you. Each should identify weaknesses or areas for additional research. This should give you many ideas for subjects for your thesis project proposal.

How to Write a Project Proposal

Writing a project proposal is actually very much like writing the thesis itself. You have to do all of the research and identify exactly what the problem and you hypothesis is; then show how you are going to prove your hypothesis.

Your thesis project proposal is your full plan for your thesis, if it is written well then your thesis will be much easier to research and to write. Conducting research without a solid plan would be almost impossible which is why such emphasis is placed on getting your thesis project proposal right in the first instance.

The thesis project proposal should cover all of the following areas:

  • Problem Definition (what exactly is the problem you are trying to solve)
  • State clearly the hypothesis and the problem being addressed
  • Tell the reader why it is important that the issue is addressed
  • Say what you expect to find
  • Provide the reader with an analysis of the current literature
  • Explain why this gap exists
  • Explain the methodology you will use to prove your hypothesis
  • Provide a full timetable for your research

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