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If you are working towards your PhD or MBA you will be looking to produce your graduate thesis proposal. This is your way of proving to your tutors and the thesis committee that you are ready to begin your research and to write your thesis proposal. Without their approval you will have to revise or completely revisit your graduate thesis proposal.

Writing a graduate thesis is no easy task and you will be thankful that they take the time to ensure that your graduate thesis proposal is sound before you begin.

Selecting Topics for Your Graduate Thesis Proposal

The hardest part by far is coming up with your hypothesis and a worthy area to investigate. You have to select a problem that has not yet been solved and it has to be a problem that no one has yet investigated, or if they have you have investigated it you have to be able to show some holes in the work that has been conducted.

The easiest way to find your research question is to begin by reading research that specifically interests you. It is always best to research a topic in which you have a personal interest. Each paper that you read is likely to identify areas that the authors feel requires additional research or areas that they feel are weak within what they have done. This will provide you with a host of potential ideas for your graduate school thesis.

Writing Your Graduate Thesis Proposal

Your graduate thesis proposal will follow the basic outline of the completed thesis. Graduate school thesis proposals need to clearly demonstrate what the problem is, why it is important that the problem is solved and then show your proposed solution. You also need to show what research has already been conducted and that this gap in the knowledge really exists. As well as this you need to explain exactly how it is that you will conduct your proposed research. Typically the outline or structure will be something like:

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
    • Define the problem
    • Why is this important to stud
    • State your Hypothesis
    • Why is this important
    • What do you expect to find
    • Research
      • Problem background
      • Why has the problem not been solved
      • Literature review
      • Methodology
        • What will you do and how?
        • What will a good result look like?
        • What could go wrong and what will you do if does?
  •  Your Timetable

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