The road to an advanced degree is not an easy one. Every graduate student knows that in addition to various academic commitments, the thesis has to be written and prior to that a thesis proposal must be submitted. It is a horrible idea to wait to the last minute to work on the proposal. That is a guarantee of serious problems. Writing a thesis proposal can be done if a student follows a couple of very easy steps.

This Is the First Part of a Linguistics Proposal Process

  1. Develop a topic If you’re writing a linguistics thesis proposal,  architectural thesis proposal or  computer science thesis proposal, you start out with a topic that will be explored. The best suggestion is to be very narrow in scope. Academic advisors and the graduate committee are looking for the type of research that adds to the knowledge base. Very specific areas of linguistics should be thought of for the topic. From this will be developed the thesis statement for the proposal;
  2. Prepare the literature Review The proposal should have evidence that existing research and literature has been examined. What has been done in the past is the foundation point for a lot of the thesis research. The literature review also gives an indication that there has been some inquiry that needs to be further developed;
  3. Consider the methodology How you are going to go about addressing the topic and answering any questions is the muscle and bone of the research. By indicating what methodology is going to be used, you are telling the graduate committee that is how you will approach the accumulation of data and the analysis.

The Structure and Guidelines of a Linguistics Thesis Proposal

  • Structure You have to think of the thesis proposal as a blueprint for activity. The graduate committee is going to want to see how you will go about the work of researching and writing a thesis. This is going to include a timeline of all the activities;
  • The Guidelines Academia sets forth guidelines for the thesis proposal that must be followed. A graduate student has to go over the requirements carefully, keep in mind that failure to follow guidelines results in rejection. The formatting is important, but grammar and spelling are equally so. This is an area where many graduate students run into problems.

Think about Outside Help in Drafting a Linguistics Thesis Proposal

Drafting a proposal is going to take time. You may have a schedule full of activities and responsibilities that take up much of your day. Still, you have to do justice to the proposal because it is so important. It may be worth your while to have third-party assistance.

Professional thesis proposal writers can help better define the topic, and also give suggestions about methodology. These experts can also do the formatting and adhere to the guidelines so that the thesis proposal is more acceptable. The outside help will allow you to balance the need for a good document with your already overloaded list of commitments.

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