The juris doctorate degree is not the only diploma available at law school. A person can take advanced studies in the law, leading to a Master of Laws (LL.M) or to a Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D). These are programs that study jurisprudence more intensely, and demands appropriate research from the students. A thesis is necessary for the doctorate, and as is true in all academia a law thesis proposal will be necessary. There simple steps in order to achieve the end result.

Law Thesis Topics Are Wide Range

  1. The Thesis Topic Must Be Determined The advanced law degrees are highly esteemed, internationally as well as domestically. The issues that can be a topic of the proposal are as many as there are parts of the law. They can be international law, domestic, tax, or other areas. The important thing is to narrow the scope of the topic so the fits well into a thesis statement.
  2. A Literature Review The defined topic needs to have literature review included in the proposal. This shows what research is already been conducted and what concerns have been raised that the research will address. Literature review gives an indication that the graduate student is aware of what has been done in a given area, and that these will be considered in the thesis itself.

The Law Proposal Must Show How the Research Will Be Conducted

  1. The Methodology Must Be Explained There has to be a logic and order to the research that will be done. The law school not accept research that is scattered are haphazard. The student must be able to demonstrate that methodology to be used will result in new information and solutions.
  2. Outline This would include timetables, chapters and subchapters, and other points that will indicate that there is an overall organization to the thesis project, and that there will be timetables as well.
  3. Adherence to the guidelines The law school will first guidelines for the writing. The student must realize that this is done so that if the thesis is ultimately published, is easy to submit. This is an area where many students fall short. Mistakes made on formatting or grammatical errors will result in the need for revision. That is precious time is lost making up the defects.

A Law Thesis Proposal Could Use outside Assistance

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