How We Write a Thesis Proposal for You (in Steps)

Interview for your thesis proposal

After you setup your account and we receive your information, one of our professional thesis proposal writers will contact you by either phone or email to get a better idea of the guidelines and requirements for when we write a thesis proposal. This will also give us a better idea of the personal standards that you will hold to the thesis proposal, allowing us to make it even better for you.

We write a thesis proposal catered just for you

At, we don’t just use generic templates to generate thesis proposals, but rather we use a personalized approach to give you exactly what you would expect and more from your money. We want to make our customers happy and we strive to do so with personalized professional service at an affordable price.
First round of draft editing

After we have completed your proposal thesis, we will send to you a first draft to get your personal opinions and comments so that you have a very active say in what the final product will be. If you are not happy with anything, or feel changers should be made, we are highly receptive to your ideas and will be honest if we feel that something should stay how it is.
Second round of draft editing

After we get you comments and edits back, we will start to make the changes that you and we feel are necessary. We will go through a full edit of your thesis proposal and iron out any details and tie off any loose ends that we feel exist and return the second draft to you for comments and thoughts.
Final draft of thesis proposal

After editing and reviewing, we will polish out the final draft of your proposal thesis and submit it to you for one final round of comments. If you feel it is ready for submission, then we will no longer need to make changes and the final paper will be emailed to you in the form of your choosing.

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