Your research proposal enables your readers to know the detailed account, key features and other elements that comprise your research. The main cause for difficulty in writing a research proposal is that it has no specific formula. To minimize the challenge in writing your biology research proposal, here are several tips to ensure its quality and impact:

  • First of all, it is important that you have a winning title. To further detail what your topic is all about, your introduction should be able to provide a concise detail about the extent and limitation of your topic.
  • A solid proposal should be able to have major elements like abstract, summary, statement of the problem, budget, description, literature review, etc.
  • In your executive summary, you must be able to offer your readers a short description on the potential contribution and importance of your study. You should be able to convince your readers that your paper is valuable and essential.
  • When stating the problem of your study, you can provide literature that will help you establish the gaps of your topic that will help justify why it is worth pursuing.
  • Under budget, your research proposal social science must be feasible and provide a practical solution for your limited finances.
  • You should also include methodologies that you will use in your economics research proposal. To most, time mapping with key activities will enable readers to keep track with the progress and development of your research.
  • Remember to cite your sources properly in order to avoid plagiarism. To maximize the quality of your proposal, make sure that you allocate time to edit and revise your PhD proposal sample social science.
  • Lastly, if you experience problems in writing any part of your research paper, there are online writing services that can give you the necessary academic assistance to ensure quality.
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