The main purpose in writing your marketing research proposal is to persuade your readers to understand the relevance of your study towards the progress of your field. To many doctoral students, it can be a real challenge to address the needs of their readers. If you are looking for the best way to impress your readers, here are suggestions to help you write a winning research proposal on education:

  1. Your research proposal on education should be able to define the problem and offer a solution that will allow, even the most skeptical, reader to support it. In lieu of this, you should provide facts which are supported with literature published regarding your topic.
  2. Focus on factual details that will help you establish the credibility of your study instead of using your opinions in order to win over the approval of your audience. Research ahead of time with the perfect methodology to help you attain the best results.
  3. Your research proposal on education should be able to describe what your study is all about, how can this be a great contribution to your field, methods to help you get results and how feasible your research can be.
  4. Analyze carefully your research in order for you to effectively demonstrate possible outcome. Your math research proposal for PhD in education should be able to offer your readers small scale version about your project. When describing and explaining various factors about your paper, be sure to stay relevant, concise and direct to the point.
  5. Lastly, your PhD research proposal in education should be able to convey the best details that will help you persuade your readers. To maximize its impact, make sure that you eliminate any form of errors from grammar mistakes to plagiarism. Edit and revise properly as to ensure that you communicate your information carefully.
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