Do you need a doctorate research proposal? Before you could even come up with the study or the research you would want to accomplish, you would need to convince the ‘jury’ or the committee that your study is worthwhile and would help provide clarification to the current or ongoing debate about the issues surrounding it.

How Do You Write a Good Doctorate Research Proposal?

  1. Create a good title. This says it all. It is perhaps the first thing that is taken a look at in your research. With a title, people would have a great glimpse of what this study is about. It will also tell them exact keywords which you would cover in the research.
  2. Do you have an abstract? In writing the PhD research proposal, you will need to have an abstract of below one hundred words. This will include a brief overview of what you would include in your research paper. It will also become the central focus of your study.
  3. Determine the broad background of your context. You will need to have a background of your research so you should come up with a general area where your study will fall into. You will need to summarize the knowledge state and the recent confusions or debates about the topic.
  4. Questions? You will need to come up with PhD research proposal that also have the right questions to provide your readers with an idea of what you will research about. You should know what main questions you would like to answer in the research.
  5. Methods? You should also know about the methods to use when conducting the research.
  6. What is the importance of such studies? You should know if your research is original.
  7. Include the bibliography section.

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