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Count the Characters Like a Pro with Our Tool!

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Why You Need Count My Characters

If you’ve recently received an assignment or request that requires a certain character count, you may be baffled. What’s a “character”? In brief, anything that can take up a space on a typed line is a character, including letters, numbers, and spaces. When you’re writing a scholarship essay, a Tweet, or some other similar assignment, you may be required to go by character, rather than word, count. It can be trickier to find accurate character counts than it is to find accurate word counts. However, good ones do exist. With a little research, you can find one that will help you along wonderfully in your endeavor.

Characters Count Online Vs Offline

So why should you count your characters online, rather than using an offline tool? There are lots of offline resources for character counts in your PhD research proposal. Most word processors have character counters, for instance. However, these are often hard to access. You have to click around, trying to find them, for a long time. Many good desktop word processors are also very expensive nowadays. Inferior word processors, and often even good-quality word processing apps, often lack a character counter. You may also face the trial of inaccuracy. An online word count tool has none of these disadvantages and its portability makes it easy to use anywhere.

Advantages of Counting the Characters

It’s easy to say “I can do that elsewhere” when it comes to character counting. There are plenty of resources for counting characters. You can find them everywhere, from word processors to phone widgets. But there’s a reason you should use an online character counter.

They are:

  • Unlimited
  • Free
  • Easy to find
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate

Try out this great reference list generator for your paper!

Get the Best Character Count

Our character counter is among the most accurate. We include a word count for you, too, in case you need both. We work hard to ensure that we can give you what you need, and our user-centered attitude is one reason that we’re a great choice. We also choose not to use ads that bog down the page horribly. We focus on discretion and speed over flashy, attention-getting methods. We know that students are always on the go, so we make sure that our website works well on mobile as well as desktop! It’s incredibly easy to get a good word count with our simple, refined tool.

If you need an easy, accurate way to count the characters, use our tool now!