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Pss…We Know Everything about Avoiding Cliches in Writing

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Avoid Cliches like the Plague

Ironically, “like the plague” is a cliché itself! We have used it to demonstrate a point: that clichés don’t add anything new. Saying “avoid them like the plague” is no more vivid than saying “avoid them”, because the phrase is so common. It’s no longer seen as separate words, but rather as a stock phrase, thus decreasing the impact. You should avoid clichés because of this lack of impact. A cliché finder can help you do so.

The Cliché Finder

What is a cliché finder? It’s a tool that scans your work line by line and looks for clichés. When it finds them, it highlights them and lets you know that you need to change them. You can use this tool very easily: all you do is paste in your work and click go. You will have to find your own replacements for the clichés, but this will help you practice creating stronger imagery. The cliché finder is an amazing tool for becoming a better writer. As you continue to write and use it, you’ll grow more aware of what phrases you tend to rely on, and you’ll end your dependence. Your writing will be more powerful and more beautiful with the help of the cliché finder.

Why Use this Cliché Finder

Did you know that you can take the cliché finder even in your PhD research proposal writing? We’ve optimized it for mobile and desktop browsers, so it’s easy for you to use it wherever you are. The range of applications is very broad. For instance, if you’re writing an importance Facebook post that you want all your friends to see, but you’re doing it from your phone, you can still easily use the checker!

Some other benefits include:

  • Extensive knowledge
  • Detail oriented tool
  • No biases
  • No chance of slipups
  • Amazing speed

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Choose Best Cliché Finder

You want the cliché finder that has the largest memory, the fastest speed, the best resources. We aim to provide. As a writer, we think you deserve and need the very best tools to help you improve. In the interest of helping you get them, we put all our effort into a great cliché finder. We think you will like it.

For the most helpful ways of avoiding clichés in writing, check out our tool now.